Tuesday, February 5, 2013


It's live. And it's awesome. Pure Superhero Pulp.

Maisey is an old friend of mine. And he's finally gotten around to writing an excellent book. I'm expecting a lot more in the future.

"Recently paroled supervillain Nicholas McHenry wants to get back in the game, cracking bank vaults and superhero skulls. But not even twenty-four hours go by before McHenry is arrested and humiliated by the world's foremost superhero team. Framed as the mastermind of a plot to take over the world, McHenry needs to clear his name with the heroes--But between him and his retribution stands an army of his villainous brethren, all of whom want him dead."

Get it now for your Kindle.

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  1. Ermagerd name misspelled in title 0_o Good to see you bloggin' again.