Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My job, ladies and germs

It has its moments. Like writing this headline and making that graphic.

It's OK Elmo. You can rest easy now. We've got this.
Israel & Hamas arguing over Twitter? Sure. That makes sense.

Just ... Gonna Leave This Here


My novel came out this month, on Kindle at least. I can assure you that it's totally psychotic. A booze-fueled joyride through the end of the world.

People seem to like it. So I'm thinking you will too.

NYC has two renewable resources: Attitude and sleazy politicians. Now, one politician has ushered in the end of the world. A councilman kills a hooker with his penis. From that shocking sexual dalliance is spawned a super parasite that transforms its victims into ravenous monsters -- and it's loose on the streets of New York.

"With INFECTED, there is a bold new voice howling in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. William Vitka brings serious game to the genre in a way that revitalizes while it terrifies."
- Jonathan Maberry, New York Times best-selling author of ASSASSIN'S CODE and DUST & DECAY

"INFECTED is charmingly perverse, vivid and thrilling. It feels like Philip K. Dick's delicious hate letter to JJ. Abrams."
- Cherie Priest, award-winning author of BONESHAKER and GANYMEDE

Really Stupid Things Will Be Posted Here

Mark my words. Oh, yes. There will be stupid.