Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Aliens: Colonial Marines

... Please ... Kill me ...

I feel strangely guilty for not hating the shit out of this game. Actually, scratch that. Gearbox needs to be taken to task.

I've sunk about 16 hours into it on PC -- entirely in co-op form, on the game's hardest difficulty: Ultimate Badass -- and yet I am fully fucking aware of the fact that's it's not a good game. It is Bad. Bad-bad. My brain knows this. My brain also knows that A:CM is essentially a fraud (considering the state of last year's demo versus what has been released, unnamed sources coming forward about how screwed the development process was, etc).

And yet ... The 12-year-old in me keeps going WEEEEEEEE A PULSE RIFLE NEAT.

It's also worth mentioning that 12-year-olds tend to have shit taste in entertainment.

In case this isn't already clear: Do not buy this game. At least, not at full price. I think the only reason I'm having any fun is because my friends are giant Alien-verse nerds as well. And they all go WEEEEEEEE A PULSE RIFLE NEAT too.

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